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    Parents have the greatest power to groom their kids in a manner so that they lead their entire life with gaiety and with confidence. 4 major domains in which parents need to role model..

    Be a Role Model

    Every time you do or say something, take any action or pose a reaction towards something, always remember that the child is observing your behavior at all these times. As infants, this is how children gain language skills and eventually develop fluency to talk. Even teenagers—although you might not believe it!—are listening to your words and observing your actions very solemnly

    Own and Accept Mistakes

    There are a lot of unknown consequence which have to thought of. This could also impact your relationship with your child. But, remember, being a role model doesn’t mean that you as a parent do not own up for a mistake. Sometimes, it seems easier to avoid the issue completely than to admit any fault. Never let that happen and think that the child doesn’t know. Children are watchful more than adults. Allow yourself and your kids to make mistakes and call them a learning opportunity rather than shameful experience that need to be hidden.

    Be Soulful and Jovial

    Positive thinking, optimism, celebration of life, expressing gratitude, and appreciating our loved ones is a universal bridge that exhilarates human being. Talk about good behavior and your child will copy you. “Laughter is the best medicine” ALWAYS turns out to be true! The more we laugh, the merrier we become! It actually changes our body Dopamine: the happiness hormone.A positive behavior uplifts everyone.

    Support your Family Unconditionally

    As parents, you should role model to your child the importance of family in your life. It is just like fathers treat their child’s mommy, the sons are going to treat their wives. If you show them that you stand by them firm and sound and support them unconditionally, they will exhibit the same behavior and will be a bonding agent of family and friends.